Case Study: Filestack

For the API That Could Do Everything

A powerful API that enables apps to manage their users’ content at scale without effort or infrastructure, needed to demonstrate their value and far-reaching capabilities succinctly, visually, and with precise structure and delineation.
INDUSTRY: Technology, SaaS, Startup

what we did

Stategy & Research

Brand Positioning, Digital Brand Strategy

Brand Identity & Digital Design

Visual Identity Design, Website Design & Development


Growth Strategy, Digital Tools and Technologies Implementation

Hear It From Them

As a company and a product we grew and added feature after feature, but struggled to do a great job of organization due to the rapid growth. Y’all helped make our product offerings clear for our consumers to understand and to visualize how they could integrate into their workflows easily.

– Shanon Montelongo


the situtation

Filestack offers tremendous value in their suite of services, however this wide variety of offerings led to situations in which service hierarchy was difficult to assess, visual messaging through the website was unclear, and the power of the Filestack API was underrepresented. In order to effectively present the benefits of the underlying technology, Filestack needed to re-organize and create a fresh presentation of their API, and the value proposition that their service provides.

why y'all

As Filestack grew, so did their product, making it difficult to control how it was organized and presented to potential users. Y’all distinctly positioned their interconnected services by extending them to new web pages and providing a long term growth plan.

The Solution

In collaboration with Filestack’s marketing and UI/UX team, Y’all developed new pages for the website, as well as a new menu structure, that transparently communicates the services value and organizes the many uses for the API in clearly defined silos. Y’all also created motion design assets to provide engaging visual representations and hands-on demonstrations of the Filestack API at work.