Case Study: ReadiVet

pet care done right at-home

Direct-To-Consumer Goes Direct-To-Pet

INDUSTRY: Pet, Lifestyle, Technology

what we did

Stategy & Research

Brand Positioning, Digital Brand Strategy, Brand Messaging Development

Brand Identity & Digital Design

Visual Identity Design, Brand Persona & Voice, Messaging & Copywriting, Website Design & Development

Launch & Growth

Growth Strategy, Launch Strategy, Digital Tools and Technologies Implementation



ReadiVet had secured funding and felt confident they were onto something that could be big… really big. Revolutionizing the antiquated way people approached their pet’s health and vet relationship would not be easy. They needed to establish a memorable brand with a clear brand voice and personality if they were going to convince pet owners to let ReadiVet into their homes and trust them with the health of their furry loved ones. Brand consistency and transparency would be paramount to ReadiVet’s success.

why y'all

With our previous experience in the pet industry and our deep passion for animals, Y’all was an excellent fit for the new brand. ReadiVet would need to employ the playbook of other direct-to-consumer companies that rely on a deep understanding of their audiences and building unfaltering brand loyalty if they were to convince pet owners that they could eliminate the middleman of vet clinics. Within the first initial meetings it was clear to both groups that Y’all understood not only the logistics of the business, but the heart behind it. This allowed us to capture the true voice of the brand and develop an identity that reflected the impressive task ReadiVet was taking on, as well as the real reason they were doing it– to reduce stress for pets and for their people.

The Solution

Y’all developed a comprehensive messaging strategy plan, centered on core pillars of the ReadiVet brand and mission that we identified over the course of a multi-day strategy session. The framework created in that first engagement led to the development of the copy for the brand, the brand tagline (Pet Care Done Right At-Home), the aesthetic of the brand assets, the design and development of ReadiVet’s website, and the backbone of their launch and growth strategy.